Easter Basket Fun!

Easter is just a couple weeks away and like many of you I’ve been looking too see what kind of baskets I can come up with this year. During my search I noticed quite a few of these adorable personalized baskets. Many of them seem to be fabric and more of a bucket than basket. I search a few places to see if I could locate one of these fabric buckets and didn’t have much luck. I did however find some cut baskets with liners at the local Wal-Mart. And the price was just right. So my plan was pretty simple, after all the goal was to create a personalize Easter basket. I was just going to apply an iron on patch to the liner. Too easy right! I am happy to say that it was just as easy as it sounds.



Here is my Wal-Mart Easter basket, the name patch I made to iron on, and the ol’ house hold iron. I thought the yellow and the green colors on the patch would really pop since the major colors for this basket are the light green and blue.





First I took the liner out of the basket and turned it so that when I applied the patch it would sit on the out side of the basket on the liner that was hanging over. I measured the total length and the divided in half to get the center placement where the patch would go.







Next, I measured the patch the same way I did the liner to determine the center of the patch. Once I got the center of the patch I layered the two center marks on top of each other. The patch center on top of the liner center. You can see the straight pin I used to mark the center on the patch in this picture.


Once the patch was in place all that was left to do was apply the heat from the iron and press the patch on. I heated the iron up on linen/cotton and waited until it was fully heated up before pressing.20160313_183011

To protect the patch and the liner for the direct heat of the iron I used an old piece of Teflon I had. Parchment or baking paper would also work fine too.


I pressed for 16 seconds and let cool. I noticed after the first heat application that my edges just didn’t seem to be attached real good so I did another 16 seconds while pressing firmly down on the iron. Again I let it cool completely. Now all that was left was to put the liner back in the basket. Tada!


I thought it turned out pretty dang cute if I say so myself. I hope you all like it too. 🙂






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